Bing vs. Google Round 5

Picture 27From Citigroup’s Mark Mahaney this morning:

We Conducted Our Own Proprietary Study of Comparative Search Results – We three-screen tested 200 of the most popular current Search queries using Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

  1. We found Google with either the most relevant results or tied for top relevancy 71% (142 Searches) of the time.
  2. We found Bing with either the most relevant results or tied for top relevancy 46% (92 Searches) of the time.
  3. And we found Yahoo! with either the most relevant results or tied for top relevancy 30% (59 Searches) of the time.

(emphasis added)

We view our study as generally validating the positive Bing reviews . . . but also demonstrating Google’s very strong position.

In Terms Of Stock Takeaways… – We find these datapoints incrementally positive for MSFT, incrementally negative for YHOO (although strategic options provide a bit of a hedge here and Street estimates appear to already assume Search market share erosion for YHOO), and generally neutral for GOOG.

In my initial discussion of Bing and Google on SEL the day Bing launched I said:

Some may look at the screens above and shrug. Indeed, some people have argued to me that Bing “has to be at least 50 percent better” than Google to start peeling away users loyal to Google (or Yahoo). Bing isn’t 50 percent better than Google. However, Bing does offer results that are, across the searches I conducted, highly competitive with Google and in some cases it offers features that are more user-friendly.

Given the strength of Google’s brand and its “ownership” of search Bing may struggle to make market share gains. However I predict that it will gain share. Those potential gains may come not at Google’s expense but rather from Ask, AOL or even Yahoo.

4 Responses to “Bing vs. Google Round 5”

  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    I wonder how many rounds this will go before people forget there was a fight?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    The more comparisons like this there are the more it benefits Bing.

  3. Tim Cohn Says:


    Interestingly, the debate now also seems to be evolving into one with only two sides.

    I wonder if this would have still been the case had Microsoft not offered just enough money to purchase Yahoo outright while also capturing the imagination of everybody except Yahoo’s co-founder and board?

  4. marcelo antelo Says:

    From the point of view of a site owner I think there´s no possible comparission possible, Bing is short and Google is long.

    But my site is receiving a lot more visits from Bing than from Live, that´s good and my listings on Bing´s SERP for most of my keywords are almost the same but any comparission or articles like the one you cite are nothing more than marketware or stockmanipulateware.

    I think Bing is honest, is this enought in search?

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