Merchant Cir. Goes Live with Coupons on Twitter

They’re not the first but this may prove to be a significant move for MerchantCircle: distributing local merchant coupons via Twitter. The company has now set up city-specific Twitter feeds that distribute merchant coupons. If you also search for #coupons on Twitter, you’ll find many of their new “domains”:

Picture 9

On one of the individual sites it looks like this: a feed of all the deals from the various local merchants.

Picture 10

If you click on any of the individual coupons you’re taken to the MC merchant site:

Picture 11

The appeal to both local businesses and consumers is obvious and it adds to the “SEO” value that MC is providing those actively using its site.

This new coupon/discounts syndication is in keeping with MC’s more recent push into consumer services; on the MC site you can following local businesses and get their deals that way as well. It also complements the deeper engagement that the MC consumer tools imply. If I as a local consumer want simply to be apprised of new coupons created by local businesses in my area I can just follow the Twitter feed.

(Valpak also has a Twitter feed but not by location like this. Discounts and deals have already proven to be a significant use case for Twitter. And there’s a potentially big local angle here too: aggregation of multiple vendors’ deals/coupons by city or zip — a RetailMeNot by location for Twitter, if you will)

Given the SEO traffic that MC gets and the new Twitter distribution it’s probably something that third party SEO/SEM firms should consider for their clients’ campaigns, although I don’t know how labor intensive that would be.

5 Responses to “Merchant Cir. Goes Live with Coupons on Twitter”

  1. paulino Says:

    why not just rip a page out of penny savers, fold it up into a paper airplaine and toss it right at a pedestrian’s head. it would be as targeted.

  2. paulino Says:


  3. Marcus | ADMAX Says:

    Paulino – Do you have a web-solution for deploying the paper airplanes? You may be on to something!

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  5. kudlit Says:

    Good idea Paulino!

    While you’re at it, you can head out to to learn how to fold paper airplanes. There’s 50 of them there.

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