Twitter/Tweets as Analytics Tool

Picture 16URL shorteners like provide link tracking data that can be valuable to publishers and marketers. But what about Twitter itself? There’s nothing truly novel in the thought of using Twitter as a kind of tracking tool for other media but I haven’t seen much discussion of that. What prompted this is the Nielsen post about Michael Jackson’s death:

Nielsen Buzzmetrics analysis shows that more than 16% of tweets over the past 24 hours reference Michael Jackson, and less than 2 percent of Tweets mention Farrah Fawcett and Iran.

Obviously there are a range of tools that already seek to measure “buzz” and try and capture that from various sources. Even search query volumes are a measure of buzz and what’s going on elsewhere in the culture or media. But assuming Twitter continues to grow (now at 19M US uniques, 41M globally) it could easily become a free and relatively simple analytics tool that could be used by large marketers to captures (and amplify) campaigns going on elsewhere.


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