Google Mistakes Image for Video in My Post

Someone pinged me on this search result and asked if it was the result of an SEO trick that I had done:

Picture 18

This was a pick up of my recent BookFresh post. Google thinks the picture in the post is a video (for some reason). It’s not.

Any thoughts/explanations?


3 Responses to “Google Mistakes Image for Video in My Post”

  1. Gene Daly Says:

    Looks like Google is now serving up an “image box” in 4th position for some searches… try “truck rental”.

    Not sure how widespread this is… may be related to your video example, or a separate topic.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


    I see the local results and map down the page but not necessarily what you’re pointing too.

  3. Gene Daly Says:

    May only be for geo-modified searches.

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