Bing Driving Visits

Picture 12Gregg Sterwart writes his local column this week about Bing. But the most interesting part to me is at the end in which he discusses Bing referring more traffic to partner

To see if this integration was actually having any effect on performance, we looked at the source traffic going to as indicated by the Hitwise ClickStream tool. The last two weeks ranked Bing and Bing Local as the top 10 and 12 sites driving traffic to

The percentage of clicks coming from each for the week ending June 13 was 1.09 percent and 1.04 percent respectively. From May 16 to 23, Live Search (Microsoft’s previous search engine) was ranked 20th, responsible for only 0.45 percent of upstream traffic. It’s obvious that online users are finding this integration favorable and are making use of the information.

In other words, the traffic to coming from Microsoft’s search engine more than doubled since the Bing launch. AT&T’s is getting what might be described as a traffic “windfall” from Bing’s early success.


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