ShopLocal Now a Search Agency (Sort Of)

ShopLocal has built a very interesting product that creates search ads dynamically on behalf of retail clients. However these adds have rich, specific copy and corresponding landing pages that reference local stores and deals. According to SL, the “SmartSearch product allows for fully automated, localized search engine marketing (SEM) on both Google & Yahoo!.”

Here are examples (this is all courtesy of the SL blog) on Google and Yahoo!:

The query here is “women’s apparel”:

Picture 2

Picture 5

The ad copy can get even more specific, but the point is that the JCPenney ad is the one that “pops” in the Yahoo! example. It’s also true to a somewhat lesser degree in the Google example. Both ads are going to click through to specific landing pages that are also dynamically generated and correspond to the keywords or items being searched (the  one below corresponds to the “women’s apparel” query in the top Google ad):

Picture 6

ShopLocal is also working with Yahoo! on display advertising across the Yahoo! network that leverages the latter’s SmartAds platform for dynamic creative tied to targeting parameters.


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