Outside.in Launches ‘for Publishers’

Picture 25Here’s the blog post explaining the new syndication “Outside.in for Publishers” offering:

We have always believed that there is a need for a platform that intelligently aggregates local media, organizes it by city, town, and neighborhood and allows it to easily be distributed across the web.

And we believe that now is the perfect time for a new model to emerge for local media.

So this is content plus tools that allow editors and others to “curate” the stories available to publishers from Outside.in.

It features:

  • Customized Neighborhood News Pages for every neighborhood in your market.
  • Rich, interactive maps, headlines, and excerpts.
  • Access to aggregated stories from all local blogs, news sites, and other sources—including Twitter!
  • Tools to curate the stories, sources, and tags that will appear on your site.

With these kinds of syndication and publisher facing tools the site is starting to hit its stride. There’s also an ad network model lurking in here.


2 Responses to “Outside.in Launches ‘for Publishers’”

  1. FM Says:


    Who would you guess will become the larger publishers within this type of ad network model?

    Location-based mobile apps? Seems like this would be the play, no? Also, to a much lesser extent – I would think – local bloggers and traditional media companies’ web properties.

    Also, if there’s any monetization value in Twitter content, wouldn’t it seem natural for them to evolve into an ad network themselves?

    I’d be interested in knowing what sort of relative monetization value these social media / local content aggregators are seeing when comparing Twitter, local blogs, traditional media properties, etc.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Can’t speak to the specific CPMs. Re Outside.in — I think takers will be bloggers and traditional media of various stripes.

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