Oyster: A Better TripAdvisor?

How many travel sites do we need? Maybe one more.

Oyster has just launched with an ambition to get in on TripAdvisor’s hotel action. TripAdvisor is a useful site but can sometimes be maddening to use because of the wildly variable opinions of consumer-reviewers: “I loved it” can be right below “I’ll never go there again.”

Oyster has a staff of people who stay in hotels, take pictures and write reviews. So, assuming good SEO, Oyster could become a visible and more trustworthy source of hotel reviews. Right now the coverage is limited but will expand over time:

Picture 24

The travel segment is an illustration of the paradox of choice on the Internet: more information at consumers’ disposal creates options and opportunities but also big headaches because of the need to use multiple sites to verify the accuracy of reviews and prices.


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  1. MiriamEllis Says:

    I’d not heard of Oyster, Greg. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll definitely be looking at how they handle things. It will be a nice change to read negative reviews that are, at least, civil and free of spelling errors!

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