Internet Trumps All Other News Sources

There have been surveys like this in the past so the findings aren’t particularly revelatory but it’s worth posting. A new Zogby poll (n=3,000) found that Americans now believe the Internet to be the “most reliable” and preferred news source vs. all others:

[M]ore Americans would choose the Internet as their only news source than TV, radio and newspapers combined, and Internet reports are considered much more reliable that other media.

It also shows only 1 in 200 people surveyed believes newspapers will be a dominant source of information in 2014.

The survey discovered 56 percent of adults nationwide would pick the Internet if they were allowed just one source for their news, while television, newspapers and radio earned the support of 41 percent – together . . .

The survey . . . revealed 38 percent believe news from the Internet is the most reliable, followed by television at less than half that figure – 17 percent. Newspapers were in third at 16 percent and 13 percent chose radio . . . The poll said 49 percent of all respondents said national newspaper websites were very important and 43 percent said national television websites were important to them as a key source of news.

A total of 41 percent said local newspaper websites were important sources while 34 percent said local television stations were the same.

This is generally bad news for all traditional media, although it’s nothing terribly new or shocking.


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  1. jardenberg kommenterar – 2009-06-20 — jardenberg unedited Says:

    […] Internet Trumps All Other News Sources « Screenwerk […]

  2. J. Charles Ogwyn Says:

    The Internet allows for faster reporting. But if the need for verification and corroboration are sacrificed in the interest of speed, everyone loses.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Agree that quality can suffer.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    And often does . . .

  5. Latest Internet news - Array | CHATCUBEZ Says:

    […] Internet Trumps All Other News Sources « Screenwerk […]

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