comScore: Bing Continuing to Grow

Picture 6comScore just put out some new numbers showing that Bing is holding and growing. Take it with caution but here are the numbers (without context):

Picture 5


3 Responses to “comScore: Bing Continuing to Grow”

  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    I wonder how much share gain they need to offset the $100M ad campaign. Might turn out to be a great investment if the share gains hold…

  2. SHobbs Says:

    My user experience has been uneven, would be interested to hear what your other reader think of the site.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    My experience is somewhat uneven as well. There are things I like a lot and things that can certainly be improved.

    Malcolm: There’s probably a formula there. If you believe Don Dodge’s post it has potentially already paid for itself:

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