comScore: Online Sales Softened in May

According to comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni: “comScore data shows that online sales softened in May: down 4% versus year ago.”

The recession is of course the answer to that question — in part. But let’s not forget, US consumers are not using the Internet less (vs. other media except maybe TV). They’re just not buying online. What are they doing? They’re shopping online (to the extent they’re shopping at all) and buying offline.

How long have I been beating this horse? A long time.

Local is the last mile. Location is the thing that connects the digital and the real worlds — the search to the sale . . .


3 Responses to “comScore: Online Sales Softened in May”

  1. Devin Davis Says:

    And following it back online to see what keywords, etc. sent them there…we’re right there with you Greg. On a segment by segment basis, we’re seeing people realize the value – at some point it’s going to get picked up on a broader level. It will simply have to…

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


    Do you like the new Google LBC dashboard or think it’s not worthwhile?

  3. Devin Davis Says:


    We definitely find the reporting tool interesting – but are just unsure of it’s reliability in regards to the data. If it’s feeding from google analytics, which, as of now, is unclear, then it is quite valuable.

    That being said, having demographic keywords, and what terms are popular for a specific location could prove very helpful for us – possibly beyond maps when it comes to organic optimization.

    So, in answer to your question: we’re cautiously optimistic…

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