Newspaper Survival Guide?

Mark Glaser offers “10 Steps for Saving Newspapers.” Here are his recommendations:

  1. Do custom small print runs targeted to neighborhoods and interests. Not daily.
  2. Support local writers, reporters and bloggers; help market them, sell their ads; decentralize the operation.
  3. Replace circulation, printing, print production staff with tech, SEO, community managers.
  4. Find out what the community wants in real face-to-face meetings, not focus groups. Then do what they want.
  5. Use pro-am methods. Include community-contributed content edited and vetted by pros.
  6. Smart multimedia. Don’t do it just to do it. Use the right medium to tell the right story.
  7. Promiscuous revenues. From ads, niche paid content, donations, non-profit grants to directory listings.
  8. Produce mapping and database projects. Employ or train hacker-journalists.
  9. Meet regularly with local businesses to gauge their needs. Create online directories of local businesses.
  10. Create a bottom-up organization where innovation is encouraged and rewarded at the edges. Use good ideas from anyone.

What do you agree with, disagree with? Anything not here? Is it too late?


One Response to “Newspaper Survival Guide?”

  1. Mike Bunnell Says:

    Too late for newspapers to do this. And very hard for anyone to put all of these pieces together all at once. I think these types of operations are going to emerge over the next 10 years or so.

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