Travel Best Among Bing’s Four Verticals

Embedded in Microsoft’s Bing strategy are four key verticals: Local, Shopping, Health and Travel. Beyond local itself, the other three have strong local elements or dimensions (explicit and implicit). However I would argue of the four Travel (Farecast) is the strongest and most differentiated.

Picture 11

After that I would argue the order goes: Shopping, Health and Local. Bing Maps is very strong but I think the local offering needs more work and differentiation.

In my opinion, Bing Travel may be less of a threat to Google than to Kayak or other travel sites.


3 Responses to “Travel Best Among Bing’s Four Verticals”

  1. David Mihm Says:

    As I’ve observed before, I think Bing could overtake Google in Local in terms of quality with a little elbow grease…you’re right that they need some differentiation, though, rather than just aping the 10-pack…

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    The question is commitment and attention to the vertical

  3. Thomas Lund Says:

    And patience..

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