Early Look at LBC Dashboard Data

Picture 1Mike Blumenthal takes a look at 31 LBC dashboards and summarizes what he finds:

On average 6.12% of impressions amongst these 31 businesses generated actions of one sort or another.

The highest total impressions and the highest action rate was 12.9% for a jewelry business in a midsize city (280,000 pop) that advertises heavily on radio and televsion. Over 50% of the actions in her account were for driving directions which I assume is the “recovery” part of the transaction.

Read the rest of the post on Mike’s Blog.

When more marketers and those that have access to multiple accounts take a look, I suspect we’re going to get lots of interesting data out of the new dashboard.

2 Responses to “Early Look at LBC Dashboard Data”

  1. earlpearl Says:

    Greg: I ranted in a long winded way about the dashboard. Its a very mediocre half @ssed analytics tool. In certain regards it produces garbage results…because it creates garbage “categories”. Garbage in –garbage out.

    I posted at Mikes a second time with hard stats from combos of site analytics and ppc data…showing a real problem. At least that gives one a chance to highlight the issue. Then one can try and deal with it.

    That is what analytics shoould be all about.

    Who knows maybe the dashboard will get some less sophisticated business operators to advertise in ppc…in productive areas…but then in unproductive areas.

    Who knows maybe the churn in ppc advertisers generated by unhappy buyers of ads from resellers is negatively impacting google….so they have come up w/ a different half @ssed way to encourage ppc spend via a product that gives cr@ppy information.

    They really should spend their tech energy on fixing problems with Google Maps. Have you actually gone into the maps forum for business owners and seen all the complaints from people/businesses/ etc. with problems? Mike B, is the one guy who sees this stuff on a regular basis. He does us all a service…and pressures Google to improve what they are doing.

    People have problems…they complain in the google groups for maps forum area…and the problems often go unanswered and unsolved.

    Its pathetic…and deeply irresponsible.

    IMHO. Quit coming up with cr@ppy new stuff and start dealing with the big problems in Google Maps. Be responsible. Act like an adult.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    It’s unclear to me why they’re not addressing these issues.

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