Bid4Spots Moves into Cable

Picture 2Bid4Spots, which has been operating in the radio space, is moving into local cable TV auctions. Unlike other cable-TV buying platforms it’s a reverse auction. According to MediaPost:

As with its radio system, Bid4Spots says the system allows the cable systems to sell unsold inventory at the 11th hour.

Advertisers can narrow their inventory request by target audience. Cable operators in a slew of markets are participating, so an advertiser can make a multimarket buy via the system.

The reverse online auction will take place weekly on Thursday mornings Pacific time for buys to be executed over the following week.

The cable provider with the lowest CPM wins the advertiser’s business.

One of the criticisms I heard of SpotRunner’s system early on from one advertiser was that while it facilitated cable buys, to be effective on TV one needs “reach and frequency.” So I’m not sure how the system addresses those issues. Does anyone have any direct experience with these spot-cable-buying systems that can speak to how effective they are or aren’t?

I wrote on Twitter yesterday that I was in a meeting at Google about its competitive position and one of the participants casually threw out the statistic that 2/3 of search was driven by traditional media and offline influences or activity (not a verbatim quote). I said “is that a public number”? I’m not entirely sure of the precise accuracy of the figure but it’s significant and directionally I know it’s correct. It validates the need for “integrated” media buys that recognize this. It also makes the strong case for continued use of traditional media.


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