Will iPhone 3Gs Create Explosion of Local Video?

Let’s assume that Apple sells a lot of the new iPhone 3Gs units. They’ve now got video. What this could mean as a practical matter is lots (and lots) more video shot “on location” and uploaded to blogs, Facebook, YouTube and other sites that can accommodate it.

Picture 2

We’ve had conventional digital cameras that could record video and we’ve had the Flip camera, but nothing potentially like this. I suspect lots and lots more video (and local video) will make its way online as a consequence.


Related: Cisco says “more than 60 percent of mobile data traffic will be video in four years. Mobile traffic will approximately double each year until 2013.”


6 Responses to “Will iPhone 3Gs Create Explosion of Local Video?”

  1. sri Says:

    i agree with you

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    We’ll see of course, but this is my hunch

  3. Jack Says:

    The iPhone SG3 is already available to order mobiles.co.uk! They must be proper well prepared as the page was up the morning after Apple announced it. I just pre-ordered mine. Luckily i held off buying the old one so i dont have to buy out the old contract 🙂 The link is below for anyone interested. Enjoy


  4. Eric Pender Says:

    I guess my first reaction is to say “did the iPhone 3G lead to an explosion in local images since it had GPS?” I don’t particularly feel as though there have been noticeably more pictures that have been geotagged, but I could be totally wrong on that one.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    Eric: That’s a good point and you’re right that it has not.

    But there was also no MMS capability before or direct upload (although we could still say that in the US re AT&T).

  6. Rolanda Gehrer Says:

    The processor chip is tagged as somewhat more recent model amount but it and the GPU are most likely the similar speed as the 3GS. The old Touch with the same CPU and GPU since the 3G was quicker. Apart from having the clock speed turned up greater the Touch has much less software programs to run because its not a telephone. It ought to beat any iPhone to day in performance.

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