Hitwise Travel Data: MapQuest Stays on Top

Hitwise classifies mapping sites in the travel category. The firm put out its May traffic data yesterday. According to Hitwise here are the top travel sites for the month:

1. MapQuest
2. Google Maps
3. Expedia
4. Southwest Airlines
5. Yahoo! Maps
6. Travelocity
7. Priceline.com
8. Yahoo! Travel
9. Orbitz
10. TripAdvisor
11. Hotwire
12. American Airlines
13. Delta Air Lines
14. Local Live (Microsoft)
15. Hotels.com
16. Kayak
17. CheapoAir.com
18. Cheap Tickets
19. United Airlines
20. JetBlue Airways

The relative positions of MapQuest and Google Maps are unchanged for the past three months, with MapQuest in the top position. It’s not clear to me at the moment whether all searches that return a map on Google (almost certainly  not) or all queries on MapQuest (probably) are counted here.

According to data put out by comScore yesterday, mobile access to maps has grown 63% since last year:

Picture 1


2 Responses to “Hitwise Travel Data: MapQuest Stays on Top”

  1. Kate Bush - An Architect’s Dream | Fundawn News Says:

    […] Hitwise Travel Data: MapQuest Stays on Top « Screenwerk […]

  2. spain-travel-deals Says:

    According to Hitwise, google maps almost outranked MapQuest at the beginning of this year…
    Anyway, I switched to google maps even before mapquest added the AJAX map scrooling feature, because they are just one step ahead of technology, they actually create technology. It’s almost a matter of trust 🙂

    The other thing is that google is way ahead of mapquest in outside US maping, they start adding maps for even the smallest countries around the world. Which makes traveling a lot easier for me.

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