The Buzz on Bing

Over at SEL I’ve been writing posts about Bing and its traffic growth. Nielsen does an interesting analysis on Bing Buzz/sentiment (6/2):

Picture 4

Note that this pre-dates the actual  Bing launch. It would be interesting to see this chart today, now that Bing’s been in the market a week and see what’s changed.

On a related note: Apologies to BuzzLogic . . . I wasn’t able to post on their new Dashboard (helping analyze online conversations/buzz and place ads accordingly). It got a great deal of coverage.


What have been your early experiences with Bing? And what about Local. Do you like it or not?

Picture 5


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  1. Dani Says:

    I’ve only played around a bit with bing. Can’t really say much about it other then microsoft apparently forgot to do research when picking the name “bing”.
    Read more here

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