The Year the Media Died

Thanks to Bob Fichtner for pointing this out to me. It’s a take off on American Pie and it’s both funny and painful in a certain way. The guy singing even sounds like Don McLean:

4 Responses to “The Year the Media Died”

  1. Ken brand Says:

    Brilliant, beautiful, Ut-Oh, Oh-No and What Next? Thanks.

  2. david Says:

    Why is YouTube so slow!? It makes watching videos online a painful experience.

  3. earlpearl Says:

    I caught this off of twitter. Creative, very funny, sad, and true. tx for posting.


  4. Rosa J.C. » Blog Archive » The year the media died Says:

    […] De lo mejorcito que he encontrado en bastante tiempo sobre medios. Humor y conocimiento en un mismo vídeo de YouTube. Se me había olvidado lo mucho que me gusta “American Pie”. […]

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