Bing Live: Search Away!

So I haven’t really had a chance to do the local search comparison with Bing that I did in general at SEL (although I threw in some local stuff there). But Bing is now live for all to use so why don’t you guys use it and see what you think on the the local front and otherwise.

Picture 5

The functionality is nice. However the quality of the local experience on Bing is to some degree going to be at the mercy of the underlying data.

Geotargeted search ads come from adCenter; however ads on local pages come from (which took over for Idearc/Superpages). While there is conventional “shading” on ads appearing on general search results (see below), notice the absence of shading on the sponsored listings once you click over to “local” on the left nav. The following screens are from a query for “dentist” without a geo-modifier:

Picture 6

Picture 4

Notice also the graphical tiles for the sponsored links:

Picture 7

What do you think of Bing and these choices for local?


Related: Vanity search on Bing (xRank):

Picture 8

Also . . . Bing doing a little too well (no images) as sex/porn search engine this a.m.

5 Responses to “Bing Live: Search Away!”

  1. Mke Orren Says:

    Ran my usual tests including vanity search. Big FAIL in my book. Top result for my name is my GetSatisfaction page. Wikipedia appears less elevated than in Goog.

    Also worth noting that on mobile, branding still says Live, but returning same results as Bing.

    Not awful, but see no reason to switch.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    They told me this a.m. that it’s now Bing on mobile. Haven’t yet had a chance to check.

  3. James Bower Says:

    Great blog, reading it through RSS feed as well

  4. James Bower Says:

    Sorry for the double post, just wanted to let you know that i think something is wrong with the RSS feed of your blog and you might want to check it out, thanks

  5. john Says:

    I love Bing. At last Microsoft released something I can use.

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