@Where 2.0: Check In with MapQuest Local

Picture 23Mark Law of MapQuest is on stage at Where 2.0 talking about MapQuest Local and the genesis of the product. He’s also talking about how consumers use the site and what’s most engaging in terms of content modules:

Highest engagement content on MapQuest Local:

    1. Maps
    2. Yelp
    3. Cityguide
    4. Events
    5. News

      Content reflecting highest CTRs (to third party publisher sites):

      1. News
      2. Reviews (Yelp)
      3. Popular searches
      4. Weather
      5. Events
      6. Video

        Highest growth content module or area:

        • Hyper-local content (Twitter)

        (Law made the point that MapQuest is help introduce and educate “main street” about Twitter and Hyper-Local content.)

        Things seeing declining engagement on MapQuest Local:

        • Sports
        • Pictures
        • City’s Best

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