Twitter Becoming the Leading ‘News’ Site?

Many people use Twitter like a news reader of sorts — to follow sources they consider important:

Picture 10


In that context, PaidContent points out that Twitter’s traffic has now surpassed the NYT and WSJ. I did a chart that compares Twitter, the NYT and MSNBC:

Picture 9

Twitter is the orange line trending upward.

The NY Times is the top newspaper site in terms of traffic and page views. If you consider Twitter a “news site” then it’s quickly on its way to becoming number one.

2 Responses to “Twitter Becoming the Leading ‘News’ Site?”

  1. Andy Says:

    It would be very telling to know how many people follow tweets from news organizations and how many tweets are based on stories generated from legitimate news sources.

    I would suspect that “news from those I’m following” closely relates to what most people would consider “news from people/sources I trust.” That would represent yet another twist in citizen journalism.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree it would be interesting. I think you’d find a mix of people and entities. But people would probably dominate over entities/news outlets, even though those people are linking back to the traditional news sources.

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