End of the Staycation?

Picture 7Travel search engine Kayak put out some PR this morning to promote some new site features but it leads with internal user survey data that suggests people are going to be taking more trips than they did last summer. Is this a leading indicator (among others) that the recession is starting to ease? At least there’s the perception of improvement, which can lead to actual improvement because perception influences behavior. 

From the press release:

Despite the economy, 95 percent of the more than 4,100 people who participated in KAYAK’s Annual Summer Travel Survey plan to travel this summer. More than 41 percent said the recession did not affect their summer plans in any way — which is double the number from KAYAK’s 2008 survey.

Though “frivolous” in a way, it’s encouraging as a sign of increasing consumer confidence.

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  1. Vickie McGee - Where2GetIt Says:

    We all need time to get away… have something to look forward to (vacation). It’s good for the soul. 🙂

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