Can ‘Newspaper 2.0’ Get Here in Time?

Here’s an interesting video that shows how the NY Times is trying to work with a range of e-reader devices (out and yet to come to market) to see how the “paper” renders on these devices and understand the range of user interactions with them.

Picture 2

This is all “cool” stuff. But one gets the sense that these devices will take several years to hit the mainstream — the Kindles are too expensive right now to do it — and that will be too late to make any meaningful difference to the current economics of the newspaper industry.

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On the phone yesterday with someone it occurred to me that print newspapers are now like the dinosaurs in the aftermath of the fabled asteroid hitting the earth — not such a novel comparison, but appropriate perhaps.  They’re still alive but the environment that used to support them is radically altered. The recession combined with a thousand cuts inflicted by years of the Internet are going to bring all but the most resourceful to the brink of extinction.


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  1. Mel Says:

    Greg, check out what they’re working on in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Caution, it’s a long read.

    For a shorter review of their plan, see this:

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