Google Does TV for Chrome

As Search Engine Land and others are reporting, Google is now doing TV advertising on behalf of its browser Chrome:

Danny Sullivan doesn’t like the ad (or doesn’t think it’s effective). I kind of like it from a creative standpoint. To the extent it creates curiosity and then awareness it could be effective. The question: how big is the media buy and where is it running?

This is a big step for Google in terms of consumer marketing. Until now it has experimented and done several things but nothing quite as visible and splashy as TV advertising.

Does this say to you: Google considers Chrome to be a critical product? (Remember Chrome has Wifi/cell tower triangulation built into it.)

Here are 11 short films about Chrome. At least some of these videos are the next commercials “on deck.” The first commercial (above) came from this group (I’m showing the “short film” above, not the actual TV commercial, which is slightly different).


3 Responses to “Google Does TV for Chrome”

  1. MiriamEllis Says:

    Thank you, Sesame Street! I like the ad, just for that reason. But it doesn’t explain what Chrome is, really. Still, I like it. Calls to mind the Montessori education of Google’s founders.

  2. Going Google: More Consumer Marketing « Screenwerk Says:

    […] After lots of “peek-a-boo” ads here and there over the years and a fairly visible campaign for Transit, it released bona fide TV advertising in support of its browser Chrome. […]

  3. Ellie Says:

    I have yet to try Chrome…but it must be getting series if they are advertising on TV! Not sure about the ad, though.

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