MapQuest Back on Top

According to the Hitwise Travel Report, MapQuest leads Google Maps in travel category visits:


Based on previous reports from both comScore and Hitwise, I had written that Google Maps had passed MapQuest. So I asked Hitwise how that was reconciled with the chart above. Here’s the response I received:

When we reported that Google Maps passed MapQuest it was based on weekly data. The chart below shows that Google Maps passed them back in April for one week and again last week. Based on monthly data, which that Travel report uses from our Travel Category, MapQuest is still ahead but not by much.

3 Responses to “MapQuest Back on Top”

  1. Nabeel Ahmed Says:

    I am sure AOL is celebrating that victory right about now!

  2. Perry Says:

    Seasonality probably plays into this. Consumers rely on MapQuest for it’s brand confidence when it comes to itinerary/routing. As we head into spring/summer, trip planning traffic spikes.

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