Google Brings Location into Le Toolbar

picture-83Many moons after this was conceptually discussed at Google and long after Loki (Skyhook Wireless’ toolbar and now larger location initiative) the company has brought MyLocation into its toolbar for IE. Google’s browser Chrome has the same capabilities as the new toolbar with MyLocation. Both use Google’s database of cell towers and WiFi hotspots to calculate location with much greater accuracy than can a reverse IP lookup.

On laptops, netbooks or mobile phones, location can be identified with great precision. Now those capabilities are making their way online in various forms. Firefox’s next browser release will have location awareness (from Skyhook) embedded in it. And Windows 7 is supposed to use a range of strategies to ascertain location. Yahoo Fire Eagle is a manual version of these location detection strategies; a similar approach is employed by Google’s Latitude although it can also automatically set a location.

What improved location in the browser and toolbar can do is provide better local organic results and more locally tailored content or ads. There’s lots more on the horizon however, which I’ve written about several times and won’t reproduce here. I’ve seen what’s coming, let’s just say.

As the “location infrastructure” is fully built out (say within the next 18-24 months) the range of things that will be possible from a publisher, ad network and advertiser standpoint will be much more sophisticated than is available today.

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  1. Loki Brings One-Click Location to Publishers « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Once the plug-in is downloaded you’ll simply have to click the “l0cate me” link/button on the other participating sites to enable the triangulation. Many of these sites above already ask users to input location manually. So what does this bring to them? Its faster and theoretically offers a better user experience. MapQuest told me yesterday that in some cases people neglect to input a location in the where box. (Google recently added location/triangulation to its PC toolbar.) […]

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