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Crafty local businesses know or will soon discover that they can build a pretty healthy marketing list on Twitter (and Facebook) without spending a dime on other kinds of online advertising. Of course you have to get people to your Twitter feed (other media, in store).

Perry Evans (@perryevans) points to a TechCrunch post about a New Orleans Pizza place asking people to follow it on Twitter for discounts and deals:


Once enough examples get out there in the mainstream we’re going to see a “groundswell” of adoption, especially among very small businesses. According to an Opus Research/AllBusiness online survey (8/08, n=966) here were the most effective marketing methods for these respondents (based on perception):

  1. Email marketing to a customer list
  2. Print newspaper (daily, weekly or local shopper)
  3. Search engine marketing (e.g., sponsored listings on Google)
  4. Coupons or direct mail
  5. Banner advertising or other online graphical advertising
  6. Print yellow pages
  7. Local radio
  8. Profile on a social network (i.e., Facebook, MySpace)
  9. Internet yellow pages
  10. Blog
  11. Online newspaper site
  12. Online video

Why do I show this? Because Twitter is as conceptually simple as email and faster/more effective. No code; no real learning curve. Indeed, it could become one of the top local biz marketing methods in a few years.


As an aside: when someone comes out with business bestsellers entiled “The Twitter Effect” or “Living on Twitter Time,” you can say you saw those titles here first. 🙂


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  1. Zack Steven Says:

    Greg – I think this post is on the mark on a couple levels. First, that we’re going to see a “groundswell” of business use because Twitter is fast, effective and free, and second that the challenge for businesses remains how to attract followers.

    We recently released, the LOCAL Twitter directory, which helps people find and get found by Twitter users down to the ZIP code level. It’s a user-created directory that has registered over 1 a minute since going live 3 weeks ago. People are very interested in leveraging Twitter to make local connections and find local information. There are already 460 listings in San Francisco (#5 on our Top Cities list)

    We’ve also introduced a “selective local status” feature where any tweet that includes #LT shows up with a user’s Localtweeps listing at the City and ZIP Code level. It’s a great way for business to promote local specials and events. Would love to hear your take. Thanks!

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