Should We Care about Ashton Kutcher?

The sometime entrepreneur and actor has become the first to reach 1M Twitter followers. Why do we care?

The only reason is because celebrities on Twitter and the drama of who would reach the milestone first are helping to drive mainstream media coverage of Twitter, which in turn fuels its popularity. Oprah is now going to Twitter and her show will drive millions of moms to the service. (Oprah will take less than a month to get to a million followers.)



My wife is now on Twitter (completely independent of me) and discussing/evangelizing it with her friends.

We’re now entering Twitter’s “Act 2.” I’m going to predict that by next year at this time, Twitter will have 70 million users.


Note that Twitter has already jumped ahead of others, such as Facebook, as the preferred social media marketing tool. That’s because of its simplicity and incredibly viral nature.

Rather than Google, Facebook is the one (from an ad standpoint) that may feel heat and competition from Twitter. The site will somehow need to “co-opt” it by enabling people to Tweet and monitor feeds from within Facebook (that may already exist, I haven’t discovered it however.) Update: It does.


Update: Oprah has literally 23K more followers in the hour or so since I wrote this post:



4 Responses to “Should We Care about Ashton Kutcher?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Is there a missing circuit in my brain that makes it impossible for me to understand why a million people want to know what Ashton Kutcher is thinking the instant he thinks it? Is it because I just passed 40 that I struggle but continually fail to comprehend the Twitter phenomenon?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Understand. Twitter has become a useful source of news and information from companies and public entities. But there’s lots of garbage there too.

    For fun watch this again:

  3. Tim Cohn Says:

    I have been grabbing, scanning and reading all the Tweets within a 100 mile radius of my city over the last sixty days and indeed there has been a lot more noise than signal.

  4. Adam Says:

    I guess that’s the nature of human beings – everyone wants to be part of the “wave”.

    BTW, my tweets appear as updates on my Facebook profile as well. Blogged about it here:

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