Boorah Acquired by Intuit

picture-40It appears that BooRah has been acquired by Intuit. From the BooRah blog:

We here at BooRah are all very excited that we’ll be applying our technology and working with a top-notch set of people who understand the needs of small business owners. We look forward to working at Intuit to help local business owners stay on top of and improve their online reputations!

That last line is, me thinks, the relevant one. BooRah began life as an aggregator of third party restaurants content and was going to move on to different verticals. But the challenges of competing in the restaurants segment as a consumer destination caused them to have to adapt creatively and try different things.

Now the technology will apparently be extended to Intuit customers as part of a larger suite of services geared toward online reputation monitoring and management — increasingly important.

Here’s an interesting slide from the data we’ve been collecting over at LMS:


If you can’t read it is asks: Would you pay for a service that helped track and manage online reviews? The sample is 719 US SMBs. Just under two-thirds said “no” but a sizable 37% said “yes.” The survey was done last year in August, 2008.

Intuit’s got a wide range of SMB-focused services now with StepUp, Homestead and now with BooRah’s capabilities. The AdWords deal, much celebrated at the time (by me), appears to have been a disappointing underperformer however.

2 Responses to “Boorah Acquired by Intuit”

  1. BTS Says:

    Congrats to Erik, Nagaraju, and Shrisha. They will have a huge impact on Intuit

  2. Elliott Ng Says:

    Congrats to Boorah, Nagaraju, Shrisha, and Erik!!

    they have done an exceptional job with what they were working with, and I hope Intuit has a rich set of golden handcuffs for these guys, because I intend to seek them out and pitch startup ideas to them without end!


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