Will Facebook Become the Top Internet Site?

Metrics firm comScore released data on Facebook traffic and growth in Europe:


In the US women over 55 comprise the fastest growing demographic group on the site, according to this analysis. It would also appear that Facebook has surpassed MySpace in the US, although I’m not entirely sure that’s “official” at this point.


In terms of comScore’s top US Internet properties it would seem that Facebook still has a way to go to become the top destination:


Do you think that Facebook will eventually pass the portals and Google?

4 Responses to “Will Facebook Become the Top Internet Site?”

  1. LondonNick Says:

    er… no. Next!

    The way the internet is currently structured, particular destination sites may wax or wane in popularity – and obviously Facebook’s currently on an upward trajectory – but search will always be the glue that holds these sites together, or the roads that consumers use to get to these destinations. So at the very least, Google will remain dominant.
    And that’s before we even get onto the shelf-life of social networking sites (friendsreunited – about 4 years; MySpace – about 3 years?; Facebook – who knows) and the fact that in key markets the growth curve of Facebook users is flattening off.
    Interesting post, though! 🙂

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree that search is much more “useful” than FB as a general matter and have argued that in the past. But FB may have more staying power and reach than the others.

  3. Matt Newman Says:

    Have you looked recently at compete comparing facebook to other sites? Facebook will overtake Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft sites by the end of this year or in 2010. Its growth rate is unbelievable!

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