Hitwise: Google Passes MapQuest

Mike Blumenthal alerted me to Hitwise data, confirming comScore data and indicating that Google Maps had passed MapQuest in monthly uniques: 


Source: Hitwise/Blumenthals

Mike makes the point that the arrows may reflect the time when Google started its broader no-modifier local rollout

An interesting question is: what might MapQuest do to regain the lead?


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  1. Mark McCormack Says:

    Mapping is no longer ‘mapping’ its local search.

    I think google really changed the game with its iphone application which combines, mapping with location, search, business information, directions, call connect, and web site links.

    Amazingly, Mapquest doesn’t have an Iphone App and going to the web site from a mobile device is still ‘point to point’ direction oriented.

    My recommendation: 1) Get and Iphone app and 2) Get a nice placement in one of the iPhone App Store commercials on TV, (yes, people do watch the Apple Commercials) would be a good start in letting people know they are still alive.

  2. AhmedF Says:

    MapQuest can’t do anything. For a long time, they were the top organic result for any random ol’ address. Those times will never come back.

  3. Paul Pedersen Says:

    Not sure I agree with Mike. If you were to draw a trend line for Google, there doesn’t seem to be much of a shift, if any.

    To me, this isn’t an enhancement that would make people think, “Wow! Google Maps is so much better.”

  4. Hitwise: Google Maps surpasses MapQuest in traffic | GPS Obsessed Says:

    […] Hitwise has the latest numbers and the research firm revealed that Google Maps officially surpassed MapQuest in traffic for the first time April 11.  Search experts such as Greg Sterling attribute the traffic increase to Google’s recently local search revisions. […]

  5. Mike Blumenthal Says:


    No it sure isn’t but if links to Maps are now showing 6x, 10x or 50 x more frequently on the main search page near the top, more people are going to click on them and head into maps.

  6. Paul Pedersen Says:

    @Mike: I totally agree on that part. I guess I didn’t clarify my statement very well …which happens too often for me 😉

    So, to your point, all Google has to do is bring awareness to their product and convenience for the user and they’ve got the market …this is one area where Google is MUCH, MUCH better than everyone else.

    In fact, I can’t think of another company in my lifetime who can launch a new product and become the market leader without a lick of traditional marketing. Just make a blog post, post a press release and “Oops MapQuest! You’re out of business. You too Loopt, bloglines, etc.”

    To shift gears… What I’m curious about is, what made MapQuest trend back upward during Q1?

  7. Mike Blumenthal Says:

    It is hard to draw too many conclusions from these charts. AS to the role of the new Local results I was speculating.

    Compete.com doesn’t show a similar trend for Mapquest after January 1 vis a vis Maps.

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