Brownbook Intros Video in the UK

picture-18Open directory Brownbook has introduced a video offering in the UK. Here are the details:

You can now get 30 second, 1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute ads from as little as £12 a week, all professionally filmed, edited and produced, PLUS we distribute your video ad on Friday Ad, Brownbook, and over FIFTY other online video and media websites driving you up the search engine results.

At current exchange rates £12 a week is roughly $18 or just under $1000 on an annualized basis. The video creation is obviously of value but the distribution is equally important. Partner Friday-Ad  is one of the leading traditional and online classifieds publishers in the UK. 

Here’s an example ad: 

The lack of polish, in a way, of the SMBs in the advert (as one would say in the UK) is part of the appeal here. 


4 Responses to “Brownbook Intros Video in the UK”

  1. joemescher Says:

    Big Big Big…

    Now we’re talking about relationships and conversations instead of just “Click Here to Buy”.

    Nice that the video is on YouTube (on the off chance it goes viral, advertiser benefits from some nice guerrilla marketing).

    Greg, isn’t it wild how accessible media is for small businesses today?

    What will the landscape look like in 5 years from now when SMB’s grasp their ability to broadcast live via sites like (to go along with their video ads)?


    p.s. I’m a huge fan of screenwerk – – just wanted to give you props!

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Joe. Yes . . . it’s amazing and most SMBs have no clue about all this stuff. They could, if they invested a little time, do almost all of their online marketing for free or less than $1K per year if they leveraged video, blogs, Facebook, twitter, etc.

  3. Rob Paterson Says:

    Thanks for the piece Greg we’re really excited by this product – it’s had a great reception with both existing and new advertisers in it’s test phase.

    Next week we roll out the video offering to our vertical websites as well – in fact the video shown will feature on our boats vertical.

    You’re also spot on (as we say in the UK) about the need to educate SMB’s in the new marketing opportunities open to them online – not just video but as you say social marketing via twitter, facebook et al. We’re looking at setting up some workshops in a number of local towns to do just that – show SMBs what we can do for them but also what they can do for themselves.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:


    Good to hear from you. Please let me know how those workshops go. Very interesting stuff. Wish I could be there to observe.

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