Yelp iPhone App Upgrade: Mobile Reviews, Feeds

Yelp is upgrading its iPhone application to incorporate a number of new features including mobile reviews and feeds (per TechCrunch). The video demo is better than a description of the new features:

Yelp originally resisted the idea of allowing users to write reviews from the mobile app because they felt it would compromise the quality of reviews. But now Yelp has recognized that it must add this feature, which Citysearch has added to its iPhone app. GoodRec also allows mobile reviews. Both companies have said they’re getting large volumes of reviews from mobile users.

In addition the various feeds explained in the video are interesting: nearby (what’s happening near me), Yelp friend feeds (reviews and comments from those I’m connected to) and the “me feed” (reviews I have generated and any related community responses).

Mobile becomes an increasingly important entry point for users seeking location-based recommendations and information, as well as a key source of content for PC-based services such as Yelp or Citysearch.


Update: TechCrunch is calling for Yelp to integrate Facebook Connect so that all my reviews are broadcast through the news feed. Yelp has been a Facebook partner and was one of the original participants in the ill-fated Beacon initiative. Citysearch recently integrated Facebook Connect and benefited greatly from the increased social utility and reach that it provides. Yelp was/is already more social than Citysearch and so there isn’t the same urgency or incentive there — but I suspect it will happen.

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    nice, really nice!

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