Twitter ‘Premium Accounts’ Fake

picture-111An article was published announcing “Twitter premium accounts.” It’s fake but it raises an interesting question: would you pay and if so how much?

I would pay about $20 per year I think.

Through this hoax Twitter also gets a bit of a focus group on these questions.

2 Responses to “Twitter ‘Premium Accounts’ Fake”

  1. Robin Bastien Says:

    Unfortunately that page is driving in tonnes of traffic and there’s someone earning money off of it. Interesting idea with the character limits though, I don’t think I’d pay $5/month just to be able to enter 5 more characters in my tweets, and certainly not any more. Though having a yearly payment wouldn’t be so bad.

  2. Marina Martin Says:

    I’d pay $20 per month, per account. If they do have paid accounts, it needs to be a high enough fee that spammers and “social media experts” (who by definition are unemployed) think twice before signing up.

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