Twitter & Korean Tacos

Here’s a great piece from Newsweek (Thanks Tim Cohn) about how a local business in LA used Twitter to accelerate growth and become very successful as a result. 

Here’s the video


Because Twitter is simple to use it might see more rapid and widespread adoption by local businesses as a CRM or promotional tool than other online marketing methods. It’s much easier than, for example, SEM.

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  1. Scott Says:

    I see how twitter is very powerful for marketing messages that are timely since users always have their phones with them. That said, I struggle with understanding how twitter makes money from this since the stores are the ones to promote the twitter feed and SMS is essentially a free service now. What would be interesting is a company that marketed local businesses Twitter feeds and charged for every follower they drove.

  2. earlpearl Says:

    That is a fascinating example. Very helpful. Thanks Greg. Thanks Tim.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    It’s not clear how Twitter makes money from this but the company doesn’t have to for the time being. That said, the danger is that if they continue to “give it away” the won’t be able to charge in the future.

    Although your idea about charging for followers is interesting. At X followers it’s free, once you get to Y it’s a monthly fee. Alternatively, they could develop a premium service with more features. That’s probably a better way to go.

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