Ad Next to Story: Good or Evil?

I’m a fan of Engadget and was looking at a clip of the Late Night show (now with comedian Jimmy Fallon). The clip was an interview segment about the Palm Pre. Then I noticed that all around the embedded video are ads for the Pre:


Once upon a time in traditional media this would have been verboten or at least highly suspect; however now this is a “best practice” in some respects — or an example of great ad targeting.

2 Responses to “Ad Next to Story: Good or Evil?”

  1. Thomas Lund Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Didn’t you write a piece on “consumers want relevant ads”? I would think this is giving consumers what they want.🙂

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Consumers are ambivalent. They may respond to and say they want only relevant ads but are uncomfortable with tracking.

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