NYT Update on Yahoo!-Newspaper Consortium

There’s a nice update on the state of the Yahoo!-Newspaper consortium today in the NY Times (by Miguel Helft). It basically says:

  • Newspapers are pretty happy with the partnership and seeing money
  • Yahoo!’s happy and, while it’s not a “material” source of revenue now, it will become more significant later
  • Yahoo! extends its sales reach into local though roughly 7,500 newspaper reps in different markets
  • Newspaper reps are selling into Yahoo! as well as their print and online properties. This enables claim of more complete local market coverage
  • The targeting flavors of the APT platform (that they’re almost now all accessing) allow for a boost in CPM rates (and corresponding revenues)

Some excerpts from the piece:

Through the partnership, ad salespeople at newspapers pitch local businesses on advertising packages that let them reach visitors to the newspapers’ Web sites and Yahoo users in the area. The newspapers also use Yahoo technology that lets them charge more for ads on their sites . . .

The partnership began in 2006 and was initially focused on sharing employment classifieds. But over the last year, about half of the newspapers in the alliance, including some smaller newspapers owned by The New York Times Company, have agreed to begin testing two new elements of the relationship.

One is a new [APT] ad system from Yahoo, currently installed at about 100 newspapers, that allows them to sell graphical ads on their sites that are aimed at specific audiences . . . a technique known as behavioral targeting . . . An advertiser may have paid 50 cents to reach every thousand visitors to a high school sports page, for example, said Leon Levitt, vice president for digital at Cox Newspapers. “Now it doesn’t matter where the page is on the site,” Mr. Levitt said. “All of a sudden we can sell that page for $15” for every 1,000 visitors who are interested in travel, he said.

The other new element of the partnership allows newspapers to sell ads on Yahoo pages, with the two sides sharing the resulting revenue. That lets newspapers promise advertisers that their messages will reach a larger portion of the local audience, helping the newspapers compete more effectively with television.

The people in the Times’ photo, Hilary Schneider (now in charge of North America for Yahoo!) and Lem LLoyd are both former Knight Ridder executives.

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