New DexKnows Formally Debuts

picture-52A few months ago I got a preview of the much-improved I wrote those initial impressions up here.

My feeling at the time was that the site had made some significant leaps forward and was much “smarter”on the back end,  but there was (of course) still room for improvement. Today, parent RH Donnelley announced the formal launch of the new DexKnows: does not follow a typical listing structure that requires consumers to drill down several levels to find what they want. Instead, they can simply type in what they’re looking for – whether in specific or general terms – and returns relevant results. allows consumers to:

  • Search by specific neighborhoods or landmarks. The site’s “hyperlocal” search capability enables users to pinpoint their search area.
  • Search by descriptive phrase. Consumers simply need to type “clean house” or “fix sink” to yield relevant results that present them with a myriad of options to meet their needs.
  • View results that accurately reflect both business location and local service areas. Sometimes, consumers may seek the physical location of a local business, for example, to find a dry cleaner in close proximity to their homes. Other times, consumers want to see which local businesses support their area, such as what plumbers provide repair services in their neighborhoods. The new site provides consumers with more relevant options to choose from.

I’d be curious to hear whether you/users believe these changes are as self-evident as the announcement believes they are. What are your impressions? How does this product compare with, Yellowbook and Superpages? What about Yelp or Google Maps?


RHD will announce Q4 and FY results on March 12. 

8 Responses to “New DexKnows Formally Debuts”

  1. Jake Says:

    Really cool site, dig the maping mash etc. Although it does have its issues, do a search for HVAC Contractors in Santa Monica. First guy up says “Welcome to Air Care! Air Care is an air duct cleaning equipment company located in Las Vegas, Neva…: second is in Saint Michael, MN. Selling filters etc.

    BUT WAIT!! all i want is an HVAC contractor in Santa Monica??

  2. Rob in Butler PA Says:

    It seems to me like they have a pretty good data base in areas where they are the publisher, like the city of Butler, PA. But when they get out of their territory, then their data becomes very weak. I searched for pizza in butler and they ahd plenty of listings and relative info. But when I searched outside their coverage area into Pittsburgh, they had only names, addresses and phone numbers.

    I have found that our other local book, the YellowBook, has a better database of information for local businesses… just my opinion. In my search for pizza mentioned above, Yellow Book has hours, menus, phone numbers, coupons, etc… about hundreds of local pizza places in southwestern pa. Again, just my opinion, but that is why I have a yellow book toolbar on my desktop.

    Happy searching… I’m going to go eat my pizza!

  3. LocalPrice: ‘Comparison Shopping for Services’ « Screenwerk Says:

    […] listings and see a similar side-by-side grid display. That feature has been eliminated with the redesign and relaunch. I also remember the feature on a previous version of Superpages, although it’s not available […]

  4. Matt Says:

    What a novel idea. You provide the results I was looking for- instead of just the person who coughed up the most money? Yellowbook has been doing this on their site for a long time. It’s about time the other internet yellowpages got a clue. I agree with the poster above- while the functionality is O.K. in areas where they are not the utility company the content is very lacking. still has my vote.

  5. John Says:

    From an advertiser
    Dex has changed since I began advertising with them. My business is in an area, that within 5 miles there are 13 zip codes. Within 1/2 mile there are 3 zip codes. When I started with Dex, my ad came up in all those zip codes. Now my ad only comes up in my exact zip code. Originally, my ad could be seen by 300,000 to 400,000 people, now only about 8000 because it only comes up in one exact zip code

    If clients 1/2 mile away from me can’t find me in Dex, it isn’t doing me a lot of good. For that reason, I will not continue with Dex when this contract expires in October. You HAD a good product that I WAS satisfied with but you changed it, and I believe not for the better.

  6. Greg Sterling Says:


    Dex should move to a “service area” model that spans zip codes. Urban Mapping has done some work on the infrastructure for this.

  7. Jerry Ulibarri Says:

    I’m also disappointed with dexknows, as my search for local businesses has yielded multiple pages of non local results.

    I can find non local business with any search service, and was hoping that dexknows would somehow be different.

    My mistake

  8. Marilyn Levin Says:

    I was looking for comments to support my investment with DexKnows. Then by dumb luck I found They have patented their white hat SEO technology. Promise page one listing or money back, no contract under $200.a month. If I can get you to go look and report back here to us that would be very helpful.

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