ETail Opens Up to Local

Krillion announced that it’s chairing a track on multi-channel marketing at eTail 2009. While online retailing events have always discussed multi-channel marketing, this, in a way, represents the mainstreaming of the local shopping — an acknowledgment that the dominant consumer paradigm is “research onlne and by offline.”

Ecommerce, though significant, when seen in the context of the totality of US retail is essentially a fly on the posterior of an elephant. That elephant is Internet-influenced offline buying. As Nielsen discovered last year in one of its consumer surveys:

“If you were only able to use one source of information to support your next consumer electronics purchase, which would you choose?”

  • Internet – 58%
  • Visit to local stores – 25%
  • Reviews in newspapers/magazines – 8%
  • Friends and family – 8%
  • Other – 1%

Despite this, less than 4% of US retail happens online.

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