Search Proves Value of Super Bowl Ads

At Search Engine Land Vanessa Fox has two good pieces on search and yesterday’s Super Bowl:

Every year there are mistakes that the agencies/advertisers make in not taking full advantage of those TV spots online or properly aligning online with the TV spots. But search definitively answers the question of whether these ads are worth the money and/or whether they succeeded. Query volumes and subsequent activity in the days that follow also speak to that question.

You also see part of typical consumer behavior pattern laid bare in microcosm: traditional media stimulus leading to search.


Source: iProspect (6/07)

In the next few years we should see almost all traditional media using digital in some fashion to extend the value of the campaign to other platforms but also to measure success: whether it’s search volumes tied to TV ads, short codes tied to radio or print or call tracking.

We’re now entering a time when the old, oft-repeated John Wanamaker maxim (“I know that half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half . . .”) may never need to be repeated at another conference — hopefully.

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