New Local Marketing Service: GetListed

picture-17Matt McGee provides the lowdown/rundown on the launch of It’s a new, simplified online local marketing effort. I’ll probe and write more later.


Update: Initially I misunderstood what this was. It’s a way to track and monitor your listings in various engines. It also helps you claim there where they appear unclaimed. Here’s more from SEO Roundtable.

Over the past year or so I’ve spoken to many people about variations on such a service — MerchantCircle something less developed —  David Mihm was the first to my knowledge to bring it into being.

8 Responses to “New Local Marketing Service: GetListed”

  1. Soniac Says:

    Good name.

  2. B. Chandra Says:

    Not surprised to see a firm like this pop up. Basic but crisp interface. The column I’ll be writing soon emphasizes how the center of gravity as far as new local/YP online businesses are shifting from search/directory (consumer facing) to ad sales / corporate reputation to local business.

  3. David Mihm Says:

    Greg, thanks for announcing on your blog! I just want to clarify for people who might be reading this that we don’t see ourselves as a traditional “local marketing firm.” does not actually take on clients. In fact, we try to highlight firms who ARE looking for clients in our Trusted Providers section.

    Our goal is to connect SMB’s directly with major search engines and data providers, and to recommend that those SMB’s who have additional resources or marketing goals to contact a reputable SEM firm.

    But perhaps we don’t make that clear enough, which is good feedback. 🙂

  4. J. Michael Warner Says:

    Interesting concept…With the economy in the dumps us marketing types will just have to become even more creative!

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    David I didn’t have time to look carefully today. Will want to discuss with you soon.

  6. MiriamEllis Says:

    I got to test drive this tool in Beta and I love it. I reviewed it at Search Engine Guide. For the kind of work I do, it’s a fantastic little aide which will make my job easier and more enjoyable. My hat is off to David & Pat.


  7. Kevin Says:

    Nice and clean. The links to the search engines take you exactly where you need to go. I guess the easy interface is what you get when you bring a bunch of SEO/SEM professionals together!

    Good job.

  8. My Marketing Guide Says:

    […] Go here to read the rest:  New Local Marketing Firm: GetListed « Screenwerk […]

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