Interesting Yellowbook Stats

picture-63A little bird pointed me to a public filing by Yell and in particular to some of the Yellowbook data from earlier this year:



  • Doubling of Internet revenue from the previous year to $101 million (online roughly 11% of all revenues)
  • Nearly 400K online advertisers (but what are they buying precisely? [paid inclusion probably])
  • Average online revenue per advertiser on an annualized basis: $443 (or $36 per month — not much).

4 Responses to “Interesting Yellowbook Stats”

  1. Chris Silver Smith Says:

    Holding steady in this economy, even at a relatively low average revenue per advertiser, is a pretty good story at this time.

    Their print retention and revenue is holding stable as well — that’s something of an accomplishment, I’d say.

    I’d like to see the numbers at the end of the year, too, though — this only goes through September.

  2. earlpearl Says:

    I’m not sure why I keep reading and commentating on YP. I’m in the process of finally dropping everything. YP doesn’t work for my type of business. I was interacting with someone who is an seo/sem vender to businesses and comments here at times. He called me a customer…..which is true….I’m just one with a reasonably good knowledge of seo.

    Anyways, while Chris referenced that Yellowbook is holding steady….I think it requires another look six months down the line. The revenues reflect month end 9/30/08. That means all those revenues reflect (probably) 1 year contracts which were written before the miserable economic news hit in September 08. What is going to happen as contracts come up for renewal and/or sales rep try in sell in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan etc. Are they going to be able to continue to sell?

    On the print side, I think they are vulnerable. On the web side, that is a lot of very small contracts. What is up? Are they getting any volume of larger contracts? That average suggests to me they are getting very few.

    At that low level of web sales per customer it means to me the customers have only the slightest connection to Yellowbook. In a crummy economy it better produce.

    Meanwhile, in a never ending onslought of sales calls from print and web YP salespeople, of the last three I got, one was good persistent and strong and 2 were horrible. One had a chance at a sale.

    Good luck Yellowbook. I don’t like your long term chances.


  3. simonbaptist Says:

    Interesting find Greg, the comment about a low monthly average is the one that got me thinking.

    I’d been keen to look at what the typical YP advertiser is spending on other digital channels as well.

    I suspect that we’re going to find the feet on the street are leaving cash on the table and really need to bolster their models beyond simple paid inclusion.

    From my brief meeting last week with some of the folks at Local Matters, I believe there is now a product set available to the IYP co’s that allow them to manage SEO, SEM for their trad customers so no reason to not be leveraging that…

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Most of them are trying or at least talking the talk?

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