‘Miracle on the Hudson’

I wrote about Twitter entering “the culture” over at LMS by virtue of the almost-iconic picture taken by Janis Krums and the subsequent coverage (Krums has been on TV multiple times already).


It was truly miraculous that the plane landed and no one was hurt. And a lesser pilot and crew might not have done so well. But now that the media machine is digesting and popularizing/mythologizing these events . . . after the relief and amazement are over, the scheming and “projects” will likely begin:

  • Book or books
  • Movie of the week
  • The potentially competitive sale of the “rights” by passengers, the pilot, Krums/witnesses.

Stay tuned for “Miracle on the Hudson.” This is America after all.


I also predict that this image above will be turned into a painting (painted) by someone.

5 Responses to “‘Miracle on the Hudson’”

  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    And in this case, Twitter had its hands on the culture’s pulse before Google did:


  2. Rich H. Says:

    I heard a report that the Internet had it’s 2nd highest traffic ever recorded during this event – right behind the moments after Obama was elected. The web is becoming the default go-to source for breaking news events.

    And speaking of Obama, I’d bet this pilot will be a special guest with an appearance at the upcoming inaguration

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Nothing would be a surprise

  4. Find a Job Says:

    Apparently there is now a commemorative plate for the Miracle on the Hudson…at the bottom…http://www.obamapaperplate.com

  5. Q'Z Says:

    I think i’ve painted the first rendition of the plane landing on the hudson river. I invite all to take a looksee….



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