Evolution of Google Maps

Mike Blumenthal points to a list of Google Maps features launched in the past six months:

* 2X Street View coverage
* Maps browse, Local Business Center, and Local Trends for China
* New UI for Street View
* AIR support for Maps API for Flash
* Street View in Spain, Italy, and France
* Reverse geocoding for Maps API
* Transit for New York
* Reverse business lookup
* Map Maker tool for creation of map data
* Street View launched in Japan and Australia
* Google Maps UI redesign
* Walking directions


Also, maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but something I just noticed is “top contributors” in the left margin:


To say that Google Maps has been evolving into a “social network” is kind of empty and inaccurate. It’s a “platform” that has embraced user-generated content for sure. There’s a community aspect but it’s not a network per se.

2 Responses to “Evolution of Google Maps”

  1. joost Says:

    What is the ‘reverse business lookup’ feature about?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Show me what you’re referring to.

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