Google Picks SpotMixer for DIY TV Ads

SpotMixer’s on a bit of a roll. After announcing new funding and a Google content network distribution deal last week, this week the company has announced that it has partnered with Google for self-service TV Ads creation. 

What this means is that Google has integrated the SpotMixer interface and video editing tools more deeply into its campaign management platform. So now, would-be Google TV Ads advertisers can go into the “ad creation marketplace” or use the SpotMixer tools. Previously SpotMixer was one of the choices in the ad creation marketplace. Now the tools are being highlighted and “moved up” so that they’re more visible to advertisers and not simply one among many sources of video. 

This video illustrates how the process works:

Basically existing AdWords text ads are used to pre-populate a template, which can be edited and changed as the video illustrates. The finished ads can be distributed in the Bay Area or nationally through Google’s EchoStar/Dish Network relationship. 

TV Ads allows for demographic targeting (by show) and dayparting: 


This DIY tool will be likely be used by SMBs that are existing AdWords advertisers with some sophistication and want to get into TV Ads. Small agencies may also use this on behalf of their clients as well.

Video has been popular with SMBs (often sold through the YP channel) and the market of vendors has become quite competitive. In addition to SpotMixer the higher profile companies include:

  • SpotRunner
  • TurnHere
  • Spotzer
  • Mixpo
  • Jivox

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