Zoodango: It’s Mostly about the Interface

TechFlash has a nice report on new local community/search competitor Zoodango:


Here’s the most interesting paragraph:

Zoodango has a 4-pronged revenue model. It plans to charge consumers a monthly fee to gain access to premium coupons, 2-for-1 dinners and the like. It also plans to charge merchants to submit coupons and other promotions to the site. Later this year, it also will unleash what Sun calls “geo classifieds” — essentially helping people find products for sale from those who live close by. Finally, it has a licensing deal in place with an undisclosed partner, a deal that Sun vaguely described as a “virtually untapped market.”

I was skeptical of Yelp’s chances when it entered the market so I won’t dismiss this site. However, there’s nothing right now (see the above paragraph) to differentiate it — except an interface that looks slightly different. There will apparently soon be an iPhone app and mobile site (now must-haves for local destinations).

The “local” market is very large on paper and endlessly tempts entrepreneurs who feel that the existing sites are deficient in some way. And angels/VCs keep funding them for the same reason. Few people when they get into the segment understand fully what they’re up against.

I wish Zoodango luck — they’ll need it.


4 Responses to “Zoodango: It’s Mostly about the Interface”

  1. Perry Says:

    ahh, the beauty of clean sheets of paper and the innocence of youthful thinking.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


  3. Tim Cohn Says:

    Has there been a local search bubble, bust or bailout yet?

  4. Ram Says:

    zoodango or findnearyou.com have all the same challenges like google and yahoos- Local is virgin. local is different. local needs new DNAs. All new markets are exciting like Gold rush and brings in the intrepid/bootleggers/muggers/criminals/farmers etc.,

    If ur fundamentals are in place and you can give a gr user exp. can (verb) all your business plans/VC talks amd go make money.

    Consistently deliver to user expectations and you will win- u be a coca cola or a dell or a microsoft it doesnt matter.THe minute u take ur eyes off the ball and look at spreadsheets / valuations/ market potential and strategic thinking – please let all ur organization’s most coveted employees take care of the user otherwise ur need to focus elsewhere would but be a short term dream

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