Topix & Krillion in Local Product Deals Deal

News and local community site Topix and Krillion have announced a partnership that shows Krillion partner product inventory data on various Topix pages and in forums. Inventory will be generated from retailers such as Home Depot, Sears, Target , Wal-Mart, among others, that Krillion works with.

The intention is that the ads/inventory presented will be geographically and potentially contextually relevant to the specific areas of the site in which they’re shown. All the data reflect inventory actually in stores in those local markets.

Here’s an example of the way this is presented in the Tech section:


And in one of the forums (scroll right column):


Clicking on the product link takes users directly to the retailer’s product page, in this case Sears:


Although the implementation isn’t great in this particular case (Sears), at the top of the page Search offers “buy online pick up in store”:


My memory is that Topix and Krillion split part of the CPA revenue that Krillion gets from its partners when an actual transaction occurs. These aren’t “search” ads, there’s more of a  newspaper circular analogy in this particular presentation of the data. However, they should be fairly effective for all involved, given their local-contextual matching.

This is another syndication deal that Krillion has done. Others include Superpages,, PriceGrabber/ConsumerReports and a range of others that haven’t been announced.

In addition to Krillion, NearbyNow, Shaptron, Where2GetIt, Channel Intelligence and ShopLocal are all (to varying degrees) bringing local product inventory data quickly online and to mobile devices by extension.


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