Genesis of Internet2Go Summit


In my guise as program director of Local Mobile Search, I and Opus Research are putting on a one-day event called Internet2Go. It’s happening on 1/29 in SF at a club (not a hotel): Mezzanine.

I’ve been going to or speaking at lots of mobile events over the past 18 months. Many of them have been good but highly “tech” focused. Many of them have also featured “the industry talking to itself.”

My colleague Pete Headrick and I over lunch about five months ago were discussing this problem. Pete’s quite connected to the SF agency community and suggested we to do a more informal, “conversational” and, most of all, practical event that presented real case studies and candid discussion about what was working and what wasn’t in mobile to the people who need the education and examples most — agencies and marketers.

Much of the discussion at broad industry conferences that sprinkle in mobile content give only the most abstract overview: 50 million people in the US are using the mobile Internet and the ratio of mobile phones to PCs is 3:1, and so on. There’s little discussion of the “nuts and bolts” issues that hold mobile advertising and marketing back (the MMA has had some excellent sessions along the lines I’m discussing). Most agencies and marketers are on the sidelines. They haven’t really engaged with mobile.

The thing is: mobile advertising is already working and already highly compelling. And mobile will eventually become the primary Internet access point for millions of people. In China today there are more than 100 million people who go online through their mobile phones.

We thus wanted to do an event that exposed agencies, marketers and others to the full range of mobile marketing possibilities in a very concrete way: what’s working today and delivering a great ROI for marketers. We also wanted to have a direct conversation about the issues that need to be changed or addressed before mobile could really draw in more advertisers.

This is going to be a great event and we’ve got great companies presenting: Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, AOL, JumpTap, NearbyNow, Quattro, AdMob, NearbyNow, HipCricket, Greystripe, Agent-M, 4Info, MoVoxx . . .

In fact, it’s going to be the best one-day “crash course” in mobile marketing available — and it’s very cheap as such events go. We’re really trying to evangelize mobile and present a high-quality discussion. We’re not making money off the event.

The target audience is agencies and marketers. But anyone who wants to become much more sophisticated about mobile very quickly should attend. Let me know if you’re interested and I can even get you a deal.

There’s also going to be a “kick ass” reception ending the day with a “mobile ad creative showcase.”


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