Maroon Ventures Forms Radiant Markets

Maroon Ventures is a local media/interactive media consulting firm formed a year ago by mostly former newspaper executives. Now the firm has launched own venture  — Radiant Markets. Here’s how the new company is described:

Small to medium business owners don’t have time to wade through complicated ad delivery programs to buy advertising. They have businesses to run. Radiant Markets does the work for them. And while we produce incredible results on search advertising, we know that an effective campaign involves several products, not just search. That’s why we feature easy-to-understand packages that combine search, video, mobile, email and other interactive products to deliver optimal results. All at prices that SMBs can afford.

How it works

Radiant Markets uses its proprietary technology to adjust advertising campaigns for maximum results across a number of products. Once we know whom the advertiser wants to reach and what results the advertiser wants to achieve, we fine-tune our advertising campaigns to deliver those customers. If an SMB prefers phone calls instead of emails or website visits, that’s what we deliver. We can cater each campaign to the advertiser’s specific needs at a reasonable cost. And our reporting tool makes it simple to understand how your campaign is performing.

By way of additional context, the new CEO and COO of Radiant Markets, Wes Jackson and Bob Benz, were among the newspaper executives who negotiated and helped create the Yahoo! newspaper consortium.  

If you read the quoted blurbs above there are two main points (beyond “reasonable cost”) are the following:

  • The company is seeking to bundle a range of products broadly — “not just search” — for SMBs
  • It’s also going to offer some degree of customization: calls vs. emails vs. visits to a website

I spoke to COO Bob Benz at a high level about this in December. There’s some very interesting material about the genesis of Radiant Markets that’s off the record. But Benz clearly understands the challenges SMB advertisers face and feels that most of the current “local SEM” products in the market are deficient in many respects. As I understand it the company right now is part platform, part sales channel (I’m speculating here). 

There are a number of companies that, to varying degrees, are trying to be a “one stop shop” for SMB/local advertising. But Radiant Markets is conceptually trying to be more comprehensive in its approach.

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